Sacred Books – Secret Libraries’ will be opening two Religious Houses with existing communities for visitors

The English Convent and the Friary of the Discalced Carmelites. A Guide will explain the Spirituality and way of life in these Religious Houses that have a long tradition and strong connection to the town. Books will be the thread which connects all that you are told during this visit.

  •  ‘Sacred Books | Secret Libraries’ opens what was closed until now
  • This unique initiative keeps religious heritage alive
  • A guide takes you on a journey around silence and spirituality
  • The English Convent is known for the dome and for the relic of Thomas More.
  • The Carmelite Priory has an intact convent library and an impressive refectory

The trail in the English Convent is wheelchair accessible.
The ground floor of the Carmelite Priory is wheelchair accessible, but the entrance is at the rear, by the garden (accessible by the gate in the Jan Boninstraat).
The library is located on the first floor and is only accessible by stairs; in the refectory a video is shown to visitors who do not go upstairs.


  • The visit to the convent takes place in a small group (maximum 8 people).
  • A guide guides the visitors along the experience trail through the monastery.
  • The visit takes 1 hour and a half.
  • The visits that take place in the morning end with a meeting with a religious of that community.

Opening Hours and Access (Pre-booking is required)

  • Small groups will be guided round each of the Religious Houses,
  • on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 10am 2pm and 3pm30.
  • The English Convent, Carmersstraat 85, 8000 Brugge – with the 4 or 14 Bus from the Station to the stop Carmersbrug.
  • Discalced Carmelite Priory, Ezelstraat 28 8000 Brugge – with the 4 or 14 Bus to the Stadsschouwburg.


  • Admission Adults: €15 (reduction rate: €12).
  • Reduction rate for groups (from 6 to maximum 8 persons), for seniors (over 65), for children and young people (aged 7 to 18) en for the residents of Bruges.
  • More than 8 persons in one group via email
  • Accompanied children under 6: Free. 
  • You can also choose a visit with VR (Virtual Reality), then you get a tablet. 


Efforts have been made in the convents regarding accessibility. If you have any wishes regarding accessibility, we invite you to contact us by telephone (Coordinator Sacred Books: 0474 95 13 30) before your visit so that we can discuss this, make the necessary adjustments and provide assistance during your visit.

English Convent

  • Carmersstraat 85, for all visitors.
  • The experience trail in the English Convent is fully accessible for those who use a wheelchair.
  • Adapted sanitary facilities are available.
  • Busstop: Gouden Handstraat.
  • Parking: you can park your car on the 'Ring' between the 'Kruispoort' and the 'Gentpoort'.

Carmelite Priory

  • Ezelstraat 28. Visitors who use a wheelchair enter by car through the gate in the Jan Boninstraat. They drive through the garden to the parking lot near the back entrance where someone is waiting to help them further. The surface of the parking lot is pebble. Wheelchair users coming on foot can use the access via Azijnstraat: the street is located between Ezelstraat 22 and Ezelstraat 24 and in the street there is a gate on the left where someone will be waiting.
  • The convent is wheelchair accessible. The library is located on the first floor. There is only one staircase. In the refectory, a film is shown to the visitors who do not go upstairs.
  • Adapted sanitary facilities are available.
  • Busstop: Grote Markt.
  • Parking: parking 'Biekorf' or parking 'Ezelstraat'.